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Song of the Self –Yoga Retreat


Song of the Self –Yoga Retreat

Posted by admin in Eventos 29 Nov 2011

Song of the Self –Yoga Retreat
Names of teaching team: Snatam Kaur, Prabhu Nam Kaur, Sat Santokh Singh, Sopurkh Singh
March 10 – March 17
Blue Spirit Retreat Center, Nosara, Costa Rica

Song of the Self –Yoga Retreat

Let the healing vibration of Mantra and Shabad Guru take you into the song of the self, your true voice within. Let the transformational work of Self Worth give you the

courage to stand up for that song. Let the miracle of Kundalini Yoga happen to you so that you may know your song and live your life from this primal rhythm. Join

our family in this deep and joy filled journey at the beautiful ocean side in Costa Rica.

Adding on to the previous years “Sacred Chant” theme, this years retreat w ill be a combination of all the Sacred Chant content (Sadhana, Kundalini Yoga, Meditation, Shabads and Mantras), and of the transformational work of Self Worth. This work gives us an understanding of how the wounds of our lives impact our self worth, and how to heal these wounds so that we can open ourselves to life’s abundance and, at this workshop, bathe deeply in the sound current.

Jai Singh, will be running our children’s programs at both the Song of the Self Retreat and at Sat Nam Fest West. Her programs are so incredible, and I feel very blessed that she will be with us to serve the children at these two very special programs. Please check out this interview if you have children and are interested in bringing them, or if you just want to learn something about how to design incredible children’s programs:

Snatam: Jai, I attended some of the kids’ program with you at Sat Nam Fest East last year and was so impressed by what was happening. The kids were completely engaged in the activities being provided and there was this sense that you were engaging more then meets the eye… a kind of soul presence had been established. I am really grateful that you will be joining us for our retreat in Costa Rica (Song Of the Self Retreat) and at Sat Nam Fest West. I wanted to ask you a few questions about how you design your programs and how you work with children so that perhaps people can get an idea of how special these programs will be. Can you tell me what you think about when you are designing a program for children? What are your goals with the program?

Jai: My first intention in working with children is always to create an environment where they feel physically and emotionally safe.

Then, it can link to the rest of the interview:


Dates: March 10 – March 17

Location: Blue Spirit Retreat Center, Nosara, Costa Rica

Contact details: http://www.snatamkaur.com/retreat

Simrit Khalsa, Administrative Assistant to Snatam Kaur and Sopurkh Singh, [email protected],
(505) 927- 4426. Skype: simritkhalsa

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